5 Female erogenous zones you should pay more attention to if you want to be a good lover

5 Female erogenous zones you should pay more attention to

There are many female erogenous zones, including some you may not know about.

What we call an erogenous zone in women

An erogenous zone is any part of the body that has higher sensitivity and can cause a sexual response when stimulated.
It’s important to go beyond the obvious female erogenous zones and explore your partner’s entire body to give them the greatest pleasure.

Female erogenous zones

1. Ears

Although the ears are considered very erotic, they are often overlooked, meaning it is an area worth exploring when you want to take things to the bedroom.

The ears are actually very sensitive to touch because they have many sensory receptors. Because of all the nerve endings, caressing them can help your partner reach the climax or even increase the intensity of your orgasm.

Tap your partner’s ears. Use your tongue to trace the outer ear and gently bite the lobe.
Gently kiss the e-ear lobe or gently hold it in your mouth and massage with your lips.

If your partner seems to enjoy this, you can see it as a permit to start nibbling or sucking the lobe.

2. Lips

Lips are the most exposed female erogenous zones and are full of nerve endings located very close to the surface of the skin (they have 100 times more than the fingertips!).

Even the slightest touch on our lips releases a happy wave of hormones that makes us feel good in our brains and affects our emotions as well as our lower regions.

There’s a lot you can do to your lips. Even kissing around the lips and not directly on them can be exhilarating.

There is no relationship that becomes too comfortable for a fiery, fiery kiss, no matter how long a couple have been together. This will strengthen your relationship.

3. The neck:

the back of the neck is not usually explored by many, but it is a very delicate area.
Go ahead, tell your partner you won’t miss an inch of his body. Kiss her on the neck and she’ll love it!

4. Breasts

Most people go crazy for their partner’s breasts, but the trick is to know what you’re doing.
Therefore, do not grab or tighten them too tightly. Be kind: your partner’s response to your movements will tell you what they like and don’t like.

5. The inside of the thighs:

Use your fingers to trace the inside of your thigh and your partner will be left wanting more. Use your imagination for the rest.
The inner thighs are not just for wrapping your body while in a missionary position. The inner part of its thighs is more sensitive to caresses, kisses and soft licks.
On a hot summer day, use an ice cube and pass it down your thighs and let it explore (and enjoy) a new sensation.

The importance of female erogenous zones.

As the old saying goes, it’s not just important the destination you want to get to. The really important thing is to enjoy the trip.

The same goes for sex enjoys your partner to the fullest and will certainly thank you for singing time to discover different ways to facilitate maximum pleasure in your sexual encounters.

You will keep your partner excited and enjoy prolonging and increasing the time and quality of your sex and you will definitely enjoy it too.

From Bonnymaster we want to give you these little keys to make your love relationships as long as possible stimulants and satisfying

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